How To Install A Quartz Shower Threshold

You might be planning to renovate your shower soon. So, how could you install a quartz shower threshold? When is the best time to do it? Don't worry! We've researched the answers to your questions.

It's important to install a threshold completely flat against the floor. This is to ensure safety in the shower area. See below for the steps to installing a quartz threshold:

  1. Cover the floor with an old tarpaulin or plastic to prevent the adhesive from dripping into it.
  2. Prepare the area. Consider at least 3/4 inches of thickness for the threshold.
  3. Place the threshold on both sides of the door jambs to measure its length.
  4. Measure the threshold's width, then mark the measurement on the bottom edge of the door frame.
  5. Provide at least a quarter inch of space on the door jamb for adjustment.
  6. Cut the bottom edge of the door frame to allow the threshold to fit in. You can use a circular saw.
  7. After cutting, remove any obstacles and use a vacuum cleaner to suck off the dirt.
  8. Start cutting the threshold based on the correct measurement.
  9. If the door frame's bottom edge is made of wood, you can add some screws to it to prevent movements.
  10. In a bucket, prepare the thin-set mortar as an adhesive.
  11. Using a trowel, apply the thin-set mortar to the door frame.
  12. Apply thin-set mortar beneath the threshold.
  13. Fit through the threshold. Shake it a bit to allow the thin-set mortar to settle and hold firmly.
  14. Use a wet sponge to clean the excess thin-set mortar along the threshold.
  15. For a few hours, avoid stepping on the threshold so that you will not ruin it while the adhesive is drying.

We aim in this article to share the steps to installing a quartz threshold in a shower room. We'll discuss a lot about thresholds and what purpose they have. Let's continue reading!

How To Install A Quartz Shower Threshold

A threshold is a strip of material installed at the bottom of the doorway to serve as protection from water, air drafts, and solid objects. Usually, the threshold is made of rectangular wood or stone such as quartz or marble.

New blue bathroom design with Marble shower

Installing the threshold can vary depending on the structure of the shower area. You should ensure that the threshold will not prevent the door from opening and closing. You may need to repair the door frame before proceeding to the threshold installation.

Regarding the steps shown above, you can watch a video here:

What Are the Tools?

Renovation construction of master bathroom, What Are the Tools?

Aside from the threshold, you should prepare the following tools for installation. See the list below.

Circular Saw

Use it to cut the threshold, and the door frame if necessary.

See this circular saw on Amazon.

Tape Measure

A tool for accurate measurement.

See this tape measure on Amazon.

Leveling Tool

Worker holding an orange spirit level on a wooden plank

Use it to check if the surface is even.

See this leveling tool on Amazon.

Thin-set Mortar

Thin-set mortar serves as an adhesive beneath the threshold.

See this thin-set mortar on Amazon.

Sponge or Cloth Rag

Crumpled blue towel

Do not use a kitchen sponge, as this can turn hard after cleaning the threshold. However, you can use a cloth rag as an alternative.

Old Tarpaulin or Newspapers

Tarpaulin is optional, yet you can recycle some old newspapers to protect the floor from dripping adhesive.

When to Install a Threshold?

Gray modern shower room

It's important to understand when you should install a threshold. Let's check below if your shower room needs one. See some factors below.

Overflowing Water

Most homeowners install a threshold to prevent the water from coming out of the shower. Quartz threshold can resist water since it does not rot like wood. If the water passes through the bottom of the door, then a threshold is a good option.

Odorous Shower

A threshold can somehow prevent odor from spreading across other areas outside of the bathroom. The moisture from using the shower can evaporate and find a way to escape the area. So, the threshold can also reduce moisture and even restrict mold growth.

Weak Door Frame

Since the threshold is installed at the bottom part, it can help keep the door frame durable. A threshold can withstand impact and serve as protection for the door jamb. However, it's still important to repair the door frame if there's damage.

Quartz Vs. Marble Threshold

People often confuse the difference between quartz and marble, as they appear to be the same. Quartz is made of igneous rocks, rick in oxygen and silicon. While marble is a type of metamorphic rock.

But if we're talking about thresholds, quartz is manmade or engineered, while marble is natural. Both are durable and can withstand impact.

Additionally, marble thresholds have high resistance to fire. On the other hand, quartz is not porous and good at resisting stains. Overall, quartz and marble thresholds can act as protective materials for the doorway.

How Much Does a Quartz Threshold Cost?

The cost of a quartz threshold starts at $10 and can go as high as $50 depending on the supplier. Some manufacturers require a minimum order for the product, while you can buy a single piece at some stores. Also, the price may change due to availability and transportation.

Is Threshold a Weatherstrip?

A weatherstrip is a kind of strip used to protect the area from severe weather, moisture, air, and temperature change. Threshold can somehow act as a weatherstrip, not only for the shower area but also for other locations such as the front door.

However, you will want to consult a professional to give you better suggestions on what kind of weatherstrip to use. A threshold can be an option, yet it depends on the door structure.

How to Repair Cracks in the Threshold

Over time, the threshold can crack. You can restore its look by repairing minor damage, yet you'll need a threshold replacement for severe cracks.

You can use silicon caulk to bond some cracks in the threshold.

Silicone gun

Refer to the steps below for restoring minor cracks:

  1. Wipe the threshold with a soft cloth. Ensure it's dry.
  2. Apply silicon caulk along the cracks, then wipe off the excess.
  3. Push the threshold down to the level of the surface.

Can You Polish Quartz Threshold?

Polishing pertains to a process of making the surface glossy and appears more attractive, compared to an unpolished threshold that looks too dry. Quartz can obtain stains from strong bleach or solutions, altering the threshold's appearance. By polishing, you can hide those stains and even scratches.

You can use a polishing solution to enhance the threshold's color and texture.

The steps below demonstrate how to polish a marble surface. Such steps are quite similar to polishing quartz. See below the steps:

  1. Put tape around the threshold's edges.
  2. Wipe the threshold with detergent and a sponge or a soft rag.
  3. Apply the polishing solution according to the product guide of use.
  4. Polish the threshold with an automatic polishing tool or a clean cloth. You can use a circular motion to polish the entire surface.
  5. Let the threshold dry.
  6. Spray a quartz sealant, then wipe off the excess.
  7. Let the threshold dry before stepping on it.


We learned how to install a quartz threshold in the shower. We provided the tools you need and talked about the essence of the threshold. Remember that steps may vary depending on the structure of the shower area.

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