How To Take Apart Electrolux Vacuum Hose

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most useful appliances at home, and Electrolux has been a popular vacuum brand through the years. Some Electrolux vacuums use a hose, and taking the hose apart can be confusing. We researched this process for you and will share a step-by-step guide in this post.

To take apart an Electrolux vacuum hose, follow these steps:

  1. Look for the latch of the vacuum hose that connects it to the vacuum cleaner's body. Press the latch and remove the vacuum hose from the vacuum.
  2. Stretch out the vacuum hose and pull the long, rigid section into three parts.
  3. Remove the handle, the middle section, and the base of the vacuum hose. Slowly twist the rigid parts to dislodge them if they are stuck tightly together.
  4. Roll up the flexible vacuum hose once you have removed the rigid parts. Use a string to secure the hose for storage.

Knowing how to take apart an Electrolux vacuum hose is important to keep it clean and clog-free. In this post, we will talk about ways you can replace a vacuum hose, as well as alternatives to these vacuum cleaners. So keep scrolling and reading, and enjoy this post!

How To Take Apart Electrolux Vacuum Hose

Vintage vacuum cleaner Electrolux

For many homes, a vacuum is a must-have because it makes cleaning easier and quicker. Vacuum cleaners are one of the most useful appliances you can have in your home. Finding a good brand is important because these machines are investments that will last for a long time.

One of the most popular brands of vacuum cleaners available on the market is the Electrolux brand. This brand has created many appliances and has been in the forefront in the advancement of home appliances.

Electrolux is a Swedish home appliance manufacturer and is known as the second-largest appliance maker. The company was founded in 1919. Electrolux vacuum cleaners are known to have long lifespans without many issues.

Some old Electrolux vacuum cleaners utilize using a flexible hose for cleaning. Older versions use a braided hose, but they have steadily changed into flexible accordion plastic hoses. These hoses are removable for storage and cleaning, and they must be taken apart to store the vacuum cleaner.

Taking Apart the Electrolux Vacuum Hose

Electrolux UltraSilencer Zen vacuum cleaner

The Electrolux vacuum hose is pretty easy to take apart. You don't need any special tools or items to complete the process. You will need to take apart the Electrolux vacuum hose to store the vacuum cleaner or when you need to unclog the hose for cleaning.

1. Remove the vacuum hose

The first step to taking apart the Electrolux vacuum hose is removing it from the vacuum cleaner body. Find the latch that attaches the vacuum hose to the body. Press the latch and carefully remove the vacuum hose by pulling it away from the vacuum cleaner body.

2. Stretch out the vacuum hose

Stretch out the vacuum hose including the rigid parts. This will help dislodge the dirt and dust that may be stuck in the accordion folds of the vacuum hose.

3. Remove the rigid parts

Carefully remove the rigid parts of the vacuum hose for storage. Pull the handle, the middle section, and the base of the vacuum hose to take them off. If the parts are a little tight, slowly twist the rigid parts to loosen them from the hose.

4. Roll up the vacuum hose

Shake the vacuum hose to further remove any remaining dust or debris from inside. Roll up the flexible hose and use a string to tie them together before storing them. Remember to keep the rigid parts together with the flexible hose to avoid losing them.

Can I Replace An Electrolux Vacuum Hose?

Electrolux vacuums are known to be very sturdy, so it's not surprising to find models from the 1980s and 1990s that are still working well. While this is the case, some of its parts may need replacing, but they can be very hard to find. However, you may be able to replace these parts yourself, especially the vacuum hose.

This video shows an example of how to replace an Electrolux vacuum hose from one of its vintage models:

Most of the parts are aftermarket parts so you may have to source them from various places. However, you should be able to easily get them since these parts will fit other vacuum cleaners as well. They are pretty generic, so it won't be that much of a problem finding these parts.

If you feel like building your own vacuum hose from scratch is too much trouble, you can also look for generic hose replacements. These generic vacuum hose replacements should come with the necessary parts for your vacuum cleaner.

Get this vacuum cleaner accessory replacement on Amazon.

To use the vacuum hose replacement, remember to measure the inner diameter of the vacuum cleaner connector. It's important to get the right one so that the hose will fit the cleaner securely and it will be able to suck up the dust once the motor is turned on.

Are There New Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners?

Blue vacuum Electrolux model EAPC51IS

Newer versions of the Electrolux vacuum cleaners now look similar to the other brands of vacuum cleaners. Nowadays, stick vacuums are more popular, and they do not use a hose for cleaning dirt off the floor.

Here are some of the newer versions of the Electrolux vacuum cleaners:

Check out the Electrolux Ergorapido vacuum on Amazon.

Wman uses cordless Electrolux vacuum cleaner to clean home carpet, How To Take Apart Electrolux Vacuum Hose

The Electrolux Ergorapido stick vacuum cleaner has EasySteer technology that can clean 180-degrees to help you reach hard places on your floor. It is easy to use and has a high-powered battery that allows you to vacuum for more than 45 minutes without needing to recharge the device.

Grab the Electrolux WellQ7 vacuum on Amazon.

If you have pets at home, the Electrolux WellQ7 vacuum may be the cleaner that you need. This stick vacuum has an axial cyclone that helps separate dust and dirt in the dust bin. It also has a filter which ensures that this vacuum will pick up small particles of dust and pet dander.

Best Alternatives To Electrolux Vacuums

Woman using Electrolux Vacuum cleaning a carpet in a bright cozy room at home

While Electrolux is a great brand, their limited options can make choosing the right vacuum cleaner difficult. However, there are other great vacuum cleaner options you can find which might suit your home better.

Check out the Eureka WhirlWind vacuum cleaner on Amazon.

If you are looking for a vacuum that still has the flexibility of a vacuum hose while cleaning, then this might be the machine for you. The Eureka WhirlWind is a bagless vacuum that can do deep cleaning for your carpets and floors. It is also lightweight so you can easily move it around at home.

See the Dirt Devil Upright vacuum on Amazon.

For those who are looking for a powerful but flexible vacuum cleaner, this is for you. The Dirt Devil Upright vacuum can work as an upright floor vacuum, but it also has a flexible hose attachment for those hard-to-reach areas. Perfect for people who want a clean house from top to bottom.

Get the Dyson V8 vacuum on Amazon.

Popular for homes with limited space, the Dyson V8 is the perfect tool to help you clean. This machine has a powerful motor and a filter that will ensure that your house is clean even in the farthest corners. It is also cordless, so you can take the machine upstairs or downstairs easily.

Final Thoughts

Woman uses cordless Electrolux vacuum cleaner to clean home carpet

Having an Electrolux vacuum cleaner may be one of the best investments you can make. These vacuum cleaners are very durable, although some parts may eventually need replacing. With the right care and maintenance, you should be able to use these vacuums for a long time.

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