Dyson Stick Vacuum Bin Won’t Open—What To Do?

Vacuuming isn't fun, but fortunately, new and advanced vacuum cleaners like Dyson stick vacuums have made it easier for us to do this chore. If you have the Dyson stick vacuum, it sometimes has the problem of the vacuum bin not opening. Fortunately, we have the answers on how to fix this issue.

Most Dyson stick vacuums have a bin release lever that opens the collection bin. If it doesn't open, first make sure that there are no objects obstructing the lever. Before attempting anything, try to gently press and release the lever a few times. If it's still stuck, you can gently release the canister by pushing the bottom clip while simultaneously pulling it free.

Fixing a Dyson stick vacuum's stuck bin can be a little scary, especially when it looks like you're about to break them. However, these vacuums are quite tough and you can fix them easily with just a little patience. Keep reading as we also talk about common issues of this vacuum and how to fix them.

A dyson V10 vacuum cleaner with dust inside, Dyson Stick Vacuum Bin Won'T Open - What To Do?

Dyson Stick Vacuum Bin Won't Open—What To Do?

One of the most exhausting chores to deal with at home is vacuuming. A long time ago, vacuuming meant having to take out the big, bulky vacuum cleaner while tripping over the wires while cleaning. Fortunately, manufacturers have made life easier by creating stick vacuums.

Dyson, a tech company founded by James Dyson is one of the most popular brands of vacuum cleaners available on the market today. Their appliances strive for convenient and practical use that works beautifully in any home.

The Dyson stick vacuums are one of their most popular products because it is very compact but it comes with so much power. These stick vacuums have rechargeable batteries so they are cordless, which makes it easy to carry them around the house for cleaning.

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However, while these Dyson stick vacuums have upgraded their functions throughout the years, it still has some problems with some of their parts. Like all machines, certain parts like levers and clips can get stuck, causing other moving parts to be unable to open or move for cleaning.

How To Open Stuck Dyson Vacuum Bin

If you have a Dyson stick vacuum with the dustbin stuck, we've got some solutions you can try to get them to open.

An easy way to explain how to get the parts unstuck is by knowing which parts you should be tweaking. For starters, avoid getting the vacuum bin stuck by sticking to the max level of the vacuum bin's allowable contents. Too much debris inside can make it harder for the mechanism to open for cleaning.

The first step you should do to get the vacuum bin to open is to try and get the lever to move. Sometimes, the bin release button needs just a little help to unlock itself. Carefully press and release the bin button a few times, and maybe try to jiggle it until the lever clicks and the bin finally opens.

If the release button still doesn't open, you can try to maneuver some parts to help unlock the bin. In the video, you'll see that the bottom of the stick vacuum has a red clip that holds on to the bottom cover and the entire body of the vacuum bin.

To open the stuck bin, place the stick vacuum on a sturdy surface. Using a flathead screwdriver, carefully push the clip forward while pulling the canister down to release it. When you manage to pull the bin out and unlock it, pull the red release lever on the top to pull the vacuum motor off for cleaning.

Carefully reassemble everything back in place after you've cleaned out the debris from the now unstuck vacuum bin. Remember to follow the instructions on the machine on the proper closing of the bin cover to prevent it from getting stuck in the future.

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Can I Replace The Dyson Stick Vacuum Bin And Filters?

The main body or the plastic vacuum bin of the Dyson stick vacuums are made to last for a very long time. However, some circumstances may cause the bin to crack and break, which means that it will need replacing.

One of the great features of these Dyson stick vacuums is the ability to take out the parts piece by piece for replacement. Fortunately, if the vacuum bin does break, you can replace this part and make your machine look good as new.

You can order the replacement parts through their website or you may contact the closest Dyson store to help you.

This process is also the same for Dyson's vacuum filters. Depending on the amount of cleaning that you do, the filters will lose their ability to filter out the finer dust and debris so it needs to be periodically replaced. New filters are also available on their website if you need them for replacement.

What Are The Common Issues Of Dyson Stick Vacuums?

What Are The Common Issues Of Dyson Stick Vacuums - Dyson Cyclone V10 Fluffy vacuum cleaner on car seats with car interior background. Ready for cleaning.

Just like any machine, the Dyson stick vacuums also come with a host of common issues that a lot of users share. Most of them can be fixed fairly easily at home, but if the problem persists, it would be best to take the vacuum cleaner to an accredited service center.

Shutting off after a few minutes

Sometimes, Dyson users find that their vacuum cleaner works fairly well but it immediately shuts off after a few minutes of use. They often try to turn it back on again, and the machine works, until it shuts off again. When this happens, the machine is protecting itself from overheating.

A quick fix would be to clean out the filters completely as well as the motors by doing a deep clean. Give the machine a good rest for 24 hours to allow the filter to dry completely before attempting to put the stick vacuum together. The vacuum cleaner should work well once you've cleaned everything out.

Blinking red light

Like many appliances, a red light is an alert that something is wrong with the machine's body. This is especially true for the Dyson stick vacuum. A red blinking light on the Dyson stick vacuum is often a sign that there is a problem with the motor or the battery.

Blinking blue light

Just like the red light, a blinking blue light is also an alert to let you know that the machine might be having some issues. For the Dyson stick vacuum, it can be as simple as letting you know that the filter cover is a little loose. It can easily be fixed by properly screwing on the cover until the light goes away.

The blinking blue light can also be an indicator that the power is running low and the stick vacuum needs to be charged before use.

Vacuum not charging

If the Dyson stick vacuum is not charging, there are only two things that might be causing this problem—the battery or the charger itself. While Dyson batteries are meant to last for years, consistent use will rapidly deplete their energy and they might need replacing right away.

A broken charger can also be the culprit for the vacuum to stop charging. Check the charger for any damage or breakage and request for a replacement with the manufacturer immediately.

Vacuum not suctioning

Dyson vacuums are powerhouses in suctioning, and if it's not doing their job right, the machine is having airflow problems. More often than not, this can be caused by filters that have been left uncleaned for a long time. Dust, fur, and dirt might be blocking the airflow of the machine.

Always make sure that the machine's airflow is clear to avoid this issue with the vacuum cleaner.

Wrapping Things Up

Lady’s hand pointing the Dyson logo of the brand new Dyson Cyclone V10 Fluffy vacuum cleaner during open box

The Dyson stick vacuum is a great investment to have because it is a strong appliance that does the work really well. Although they might have some problems with their parts, they are very easy to fix and these machines will last you for a very long time.

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