How To Charge Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner

Do you want to charge your Electrolux vacuum cleaner? How long should you charge it? Don't worry! We've researched the steps just for you. 

Electrolux has a rechargeable vacuum unit that you can use to clean the house. Simply follow the steps below on how to charge it: 

  1. Set up the charging stand (follow the instructions provided).
  2. Plug the base into the power supply. 
  3. Attach the vacuum handle to the unit. Insert the screws into the handle, then lock the handle in place with a screwdriver. 
  4. Hold the vacuum vertically, by the handle, then attach it to the charging stand. 
  5. Let the vacuum charge for 24 hours if it's the first time being used. Unplug the charging unit, then remove the vacuum from the charging stand. 

In this article, we'll learn how to charge an Electrolux vacuum cleaner. We'll talk about when to charge it and how long it takes to get fully charged. There's no time to waste. Let's continue reading!

How to Charge an Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner

An Electrolux vacuum cleaner has a unit model called the Ergorapido stick vacuum cleaner with a removable handheld unit. You can detach the handheld unit to clean far corners and edges, as well as windows and furniture. On the other hand, you can attach the handle to vacuum the floor. 

Charge the battery of a cordless vacuum cleaner

With regards to the steps for charging the Electrolux vacuum cleaner we listed above, you can watch a demonstration here: 

You can now start cleaning the house. Roll the vacuum on the floor, while the handheld unit is good for furniture, corners, and other surfaces. 

To use the handheld unit, detach it from the vacuum's base.

Clean the vacuum after use. Open the dust cup on the handheld unit to empty out the dirt. Wash the dust cup and filter in a basin of soap and water. Let the components dry before putting them back. 

Keep the vacuum unit in a safe place. 

How Long Should You Charge an Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner? 

Electrolux vacuum cleaner display at electronic store shelf

As mentioned above, you should allow 24 hours of charging if it's the first time you use the unit. Then, you can consider at least four hours of recharging every time you use it.

The reason for charging for 24 hours on first use is to allow the motor to function properly because a new unit needs time to recover from factory defaults. 

You can use the unit continuously for at least 45 minutes or longer if it's fully charged. However, it's best to read the user manual for the recommended recharging duration. 

What If It Doesn't Charge? 

It's possible that the unit will not charge due to some defects. Familiarize yourself with these issues and how to resolve them. 

Mismatched Voltage 

Depending on the model, an Electrolux vacuum cleaner requires at least 110 volts of electricity. This is different from the battery itself, which has around 18 to 20 volts of power. The unit may not charge if the voltage requirement doesn't match with the voltage on the house's power supply. 

You should check how much voltage your house's electrical source can distribute from the outlet. An electrical imbalance can result in a current overflow or shortage, which can cause damage to the unit.

You can also restart the circuit breaker by switching it off, then putting it back on power after a few minutes. Otherwise, you might need to check the fuse and consult an electrician for further assessment. 

Improper Charging Position 

You should place the unit upright on the charging stand and not slanted or lying down on the floor. Also, ensure that the wires are not tangled. Otherwise, the electricity will not flow properly. 

Drained Battery 

Serviceman changes the faulty battery in the vacuum cleaner

The battery in your vacuum unit, like any other brand aside from Electrolux, can get drained over time even with regular use. Unfortunately, Electrolux's battery is not replaceable.

You need to seek help from an authorized technician to replace the battery in the system. Consider bringing the unit to an Electrolux store near you. 

Defective Unit 

If the unit still doesn't charge, you might need to send it to the manufacturer to check the motor and other components. It can be a factory defect or damage to the unit's charging system.

Can an Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Overheat? 

Yes, anything that gets electricity can overheat. It can be due to a clogged hose or dirty filters. Cleaning the unit is one way to maintain quality and prevent overheating. See below for the steps on how to clean an Electrolux Pure Q9 vacuum cleaner: 

  1. Press the dust bin to remove the container. 
  2. Empty the container, then pull the helix blade out to wash it. 
  3. Rinse the container with water and soap. 
  4. Remove and wash the filter, including its case. 
  5. With a soft cloth, polish the components. Let them all dry for at least a day. 
  6. Upon drying, put them back together in their original places. 
  7. Detach the handheld unit and check the emission filter. 
  8. Remove the lid, then wash the filter. Let it dry before putting it back. 
  9. Turn on the unit to dust off the brush roll. 
  10. Detach the brush roll panel, then clean it with a thin brush. 
  11. Unclip the brush roll and unlock it from both sides. 
  12. Remove the brush and eliminate the dirt by turning on the unit to suck off the dirt. 
  13. You can wipe the brush roll with a dry towel before putting it back.

You can watch a video here for your visuals: 

Vacuum Cleaner Corded Vs. Cordless

Vacuum Cleaner Corded Vs. Cordless

It's important to understand how a cordless vacuum cleaner differs from a corded one. Given that a rechargeable unit can function with its battery, we should also discuss the essence of a corded unit. See below for some significant differences.


When we say corded, of course, it has a direct supply from the power source. While cordless means there's a power supply so that you can unplug the unit and use it. 

A cordless unit relies on the energy in a battery, while the corded one continuously consumes electricity as long as it's plugged in. Also, the cordless unit is quite smaller than the corded one. It's because the corded unit has a bigger built-in motor and waste tank

Watch a video here about Electrolux corded vacuum unit:


A cordless vacuum cleaner is quite convenient to use. It's because you can operate the detachable handheld unit in unusual spaces such as ceilings and car seats. On the other hand, a corded unit is designed to eliminate dirt on flat surfaces like a floor. 

However, the convenience of use depends on what you are trying to clean. For instance, you'll want a corded vacuum cleaner for spaces like your living room. A cordless one is good for dusting off a soft couch. Otherwise, interchanging the two can have different results.

See this cordless vacuum on Amazon.


Most corded units are designed for heavy-duty cleaning. while portable or cordless units are for quick cleaning. That's why corded vacuum cleaners have more functions compared to cordless ones.

For instance, a corded unit is quite noisier because of the more frequent movements of the motor. This is not common for a cordless unit since some features are limited. 

However, it's still best to refer to the product manual to be familiar with the performance of your vacuum unit.

To understand more about cordless units, you can watch a video here:

Does the Electrolux Vacuum Have a Warranty? 

Electrolux Ultrasilencer Zen vacuum cleaner

You get to enjoy a two-year general warranty on vacuum units, including robotic vacuum cleaners. Also, there's a two-year warranty for cordless models, with an exception on some models. 

You should read the warranty details in the manual. The warranty can differ based on unit type, features, and other components. You don't want to repair, modify, or change the components without consulting the manufacturer. Doing so can disqualify you from availing of the warranty. 

How Much Is An Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner? 

If you think you need a new unit, expect to spend from $300 to $700 depending on the manufacturer. You can request to test the unit in the store before you purchase one.


It's such a resourceful article, isn't it? We learned how to charge the Electrolux vacuum cleaner, as well as discussed some relevant matters like charging duration. Remember to clean the unit for better performance. 

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