Pergo Vs. Smartcore Flooring: Which To Choose?

When it comes to flooring, most homeowners consider a lot of options in order to get the best. Pergo and smart core flooring are two similar flooring types. If you're wondering which to choose then we can help you. After consulting with home decor experts, here's what we know.

In terms of price, both Pergo and smartcore flooring are economically priced and many retailers offer warranties of up to 20 years.

For a better appearance and feel, Pergo flooring might be a slightly better option since it has a lower thermal resistance. Both types of flooring are highly durable and last decades.

For more details about these floorings continue reading this post as there are more in-depth information and comparison between the two flooring options.

PVC vinyl sample. Waterproof laminate with water puddle. The swatches are brown with a woody texture. Pergo Vs. Smartcore Flooring Which To Choose

Pergo Or Laminate Flooring

The brand name Pergo is used for laminate flooring. Pergo is a Swedish-made laminate flooring. Due to the company's high market dominance and well-known goods, many people refer to laminate as "Pergo."

Laminate flooring comes in a variety of brands, such as Pergo, Armstrong, and Shaw. They created the category in the middle of the 1970s and started importing to the US in 1994. They market their brand at Home Depot, which is where many customers first discovered it.

Pergo has a realistic appearance of real wood from a distance. Pergo laminate is a type of laminate where the surface is laminate and the core is chipped wood.

Smartcore Flooring

Smartcore is a low- to mid-priced brand of waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring made by US Floors using coretec technology.

The brand sells for $2 to $4 per square foot and offers four distinct collections, each with unique characteristics to meet distinct needs.

Worker installing laminated wooden floor indoors, closeup

Pergo Vs. Smartcore Flooring: Which To Choose?

What is key is choice and usage as both have similar attributes. Although laminate and vinyl have different compositions, both materials are quite durable.

In order to create laminate, compressed wood fibers are squeezed into a body called HDF. Additionally multi-layered, vinyl also includes PVC and fiberglass. Here are some comparisons between the two.

Compositions: HDF Versus Synthetic Plastic

Although laminate and vinyl have different compositions, both materials are quite durable. In order to create laminate, compressed wood fibers are squeezed into a body called HDF.

Vinyl has multiple layers and contains PVC and fiberglass elements. There are no hazardous phthalates in these at all.

Sound, Looks, And Comfort

There is warmth and comfort on vinyl flooring. It is a pleasure to walk on them. Their acoustic function muffles distracting sounds from paws, heels, boots, and athletic shoes.

Due to their rough surface and lightweight, laminate floors have a tendency to be a little louder. Additionally, they could have a hollow feeling underfoot.

Although luxury vinyl already has several sound-absorbing layers, the silent walk underlay can help laminate's sound-dampening properties even further.

Vinyl and laminate floors both provide unequaled degrees of realism. A real wood or stone look is produced by surface textures with fine grain patterns that are subtle.

Heating And Humidity

Laminate and vinyl floors are protected from water damage thanks to water-repellent technology. Each vinyl floor is waterproof, and the majority of Pergo laminate flooring has a cutting-edge Aqua Safe coating in the grooves to prevent any water from penetrating.

Underfloor heating is compatible with both flooring types, albeit vinyl is marginally more effective. Of all the Pergo flooring options, vinyl floors have the lowest thermal resistance and are great thermal conductors.

Upkeep And Maintenance

Both laminate and vinyl floors are simple to maintain, requiring only routine vacuuming and mopping with a damp cloth and your preferred, mild cleanser.

Budget And Warranty

In terms of price, laminate and vinyl are both reasonably priced. Laminate provides additional options at the lowest pricing points.

Plus, Pergo laminate and vinyl both come with very extensive warranties that can last up to 25 years and 20 years, respectively.

advantages of plank over pergo flooring

Is Vinyl Plank Better Than Pergo?

This is dependent on choice as both are close substitutes.

  • Vinyl is entirely synthetic whereas laminate is entirely constructed of natural materials. Regarding availability, some stores only carry or sell a select few brands and may or may not stock both laminate and vinyl. Some laminate is still produced using materials that emit VOCs and may be harmful to some people's health.
  • Vinyl can be installed in bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms, although laminate should not be installed there.
  • Vinyl is superior to laminate for houses with pets and provides better defense against potty training, claws, and shedding.

In comparison to vinyl, Pergo laminate has the benefit of not fading as quickly in direct sunlight. However, over time, laminate can potentially be more vulnerable to fading than vinyl.

Therefore, Pergo might not be the greatest option if you intend to install flooring in a space that receives a lot of sunlight.

Should I Choose Laminate Or Vinyl Flooring?

When it comes to flooring, vinyl is a superior option if you need it to be waterproof, long-lasting, and durable.

Laminate, on the other hand, is the preferable choice if you prefer a more stylish appearance, reduced costs, and a softer feel underfoot.

Despite differences, laminate and vinyl have a number of similar traits, such as ease of installation, maintenance, and environmental friendliness.

What Type of Vinyl Flooring Is The Most Durable?

Both vinyl and laminate flooring are incredibly durable. Vinyl flooring often has a warranty of 15 years or more, whereas laminate typically lasts up to 20 years.

Laminate cannot be refinished or resealed, in contrast to vinyl flooring, which can have additional urethane layers applied to it to increase its lifespan.

Man laying professional PVC-floor, close up

Does Pergo Scratch Easily?

Pergo does not scratch easily. It is made to be scratch resistant. The following flooring types are the best when it comes to search resistance and waterproofing.

Porcelain And Ceramic Tiling

Clay minerals, sand, and water must be combined to form ceramic and porcelain tiles, which are then baked and dried to produce a durable material.

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are durable flooring options that will last with the right upkeep. Higher-quality goods may last up to 100 years, while more affordable tiles may only last 20 years.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is incredibly easy to clean, it is not slippery, and it also successfully works with underfloor heating plus it has high scratch resistance to some extent.

Vinyl is a synthetic, durable flooring material that is primarily constructed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which renders vinyl floors waterproof.

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Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is extremely strong and resilient when properly maintained and will last a lifetime. It is simple to clean and is compatible with underfloor heating. It also has high resistance to scratches and dents.

Concrete flooring is typical of minimalist, modern, or industrial settings. Concrete floors need to be treated to make them stain-proof, but they are completely waterproof and won't be damaged even if submerged for a long time.

They are quite robust and tough, and if properly maintained, they may endure the full life of your home or other construction. There are numerous coatings that can be used on concrete floors, albeit some of them may cause the flooring to become slick when wet.

Exposed Aggregate Floors

Floors with exposed aggregate are strong. When properly maintained, it will last a lifetime. It also brings in a hint of spa aesthetic and is compatible with underfloor heating.

These kinds of floors have a top layer of exposed pebbles or small stones and cement, giving them a rustic spa-like appearance.

Natural Stone Floor

The majority of hard stone types are highly scratch-resistant and look elegant. It has a fantastic resale value and is quite simple to clean.

Natural stones are resilient and long-lasting as flooring, and they can last longer than the building structure itself. In any setting, they may provide a touch of richness and elegance.

assorted flooring samples of vinyl and laminate. Pergo Vs. Smartcore Flooring Which To Choose

To Sum Up

Having good flooring aids in the beautification of your home. While considering choosing Pergo or Smartcore flooring, make sure to keep some factors like durability, maintenance, and budget on your mind.

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