Which Laminate Is Best For Wardrobe? [Inc. 6 Color Suggestions]

Your wardrobe is one of the most eye-catching fixtures in your bedroom. As such, you need to determine the best laminate for it, as well as the color that will make it complement with the rest of your interior. Fortunately, you have a lot of options to choose from, but which one will fit your personal aesthetic and lifestyle best? We have researched ideas for you.

The best laminate depends on your preference, but Matte-finish laminate is generally the most popular among the other options because they have a sleek, more reflective appearance that gives off an elegant look. They are also resistant to scratches, dents, and scratches; and they don’t require a lot of maintenance. Here are the colors that will go well on a matte-finish laminate:

  • Walnut brown
  • Warm Brown
  • Dark brown
  • Auburn brown
  • Eggshell White
  • Light Beige

Laminates have a lot of other variations, and each one suits a particular preference or lifestyle. The colors available for them are generally neutral, so it’s easy to pair them with any color scheme. Keep reading below to learn more about the different types of laminates as well as the best colors to complement your room.

A dark wooden floating laminate flooring and wardrobe in an empty room, Which Laminate Is Best For Wardrobe? [Inc. 6 Color Suggestions]

Different Types of Laminate Finishes for your Wardrobe

Laminate wardrobes have become a staple feature in many bedrooms. They are made of synthetic material, but they are highly durable and can last for a long time. In a way, it’s an affordable investment for your home.

Since they are made of compressed wood, they resemble the material closely. You can have the elegant and classic look of wood without their disadvantages and maintenance costs.

Choosing the right finish is essential to complete the look, so we have gathered other options for the laminate finish. Here are ones you can apply on your wardrobe.

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Matte-Finish Laminate

Stylish large wardrobe with LED lighting

Matte finish laminates are the most preferred option by most homeowners because of their durability and aesthetic versatility. Matte finishes generally do not reflect light—they absorb them.

However, matte finish laminates still reflect a moderate amount of light, reducing its ”flat” look without being too visually overwhelming.

This type of finish is not only good for wardrobes; they are also an ideal option for kitchen cabinets because of their resistance to moisture, which kitchens are susceptible to.

Textured Laminate

Bedroom interior in the style of modern minimalism

You can apply textured laminate on your wardrobe if you want to add a bit of character in your interior. This finish resembles natural materials such as stucco and stone, so your interior can have that effortlessly chic and rustic look.

Textured laminate also hides scuff marks and scratches well compared to other finishes, so you can opt for this if you have rowdy pets or toddlers in the house.

A downside of this finish is that it can trap a lot of dust and dirt so you’ll need to clean them regularly so they can retain their luster. If you would rather have something more low maintenance, you’re better off with other options.

Gloss Finish

Modern minimalism style corridor interior with sliding-door mirror wardrobe

Laminates that have a glossy finish that can give off a sleek and clean look. They may look good in contemporary-style kitchen cabinets, but they may look too severe for a cozy-looking bedroom.

However, you can still incorporate them into the bedroom interior if you choose a less overpowering color to balance out the finish. It may be challenging, but it’s doable.

This may not be the right option for you if you don’t have the time to clean it often. They show finger smudges and dirt easily, which are emphasized more by the glossy finish.


Bedroom working corner decorated with books and artificial plant in a gold collar glass vase on gray spray-painted wardrobe wall

PVC finishes are probably the second best option you can opt for aside from matte finishes because of their functional advantages. They are highly resistant to humidity, so they’re ideal not only for bedroom wardrobes but also for kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

PVC laminates are also cheaper than other finishes, so they’re a good alternative if you’re on a budget. They are relatively more low-maintenance, but you may compromise aesthetic value since PVC finishes tend to have a plastic look.

Acrylic Finish

Corridor with white built-in furniture

Acrylic finishes have a modern and effortlessly elegant look that can make your bedroom look more sophisticated. They reflect light better than other finishes, and they have a lot of aesthetic value.

The color options ideal for this finish are light-colored ones so the sleek and contemporary look can be highlighted and complement your bedroom beautifully.

Acrylic finishes also have a lot of functional benefits. They are resistant to humidity and ultraviolet radiation, so they will be able to retain their luster for a long time even with little maintenance.

Metallic Laminate

Modern bright office with beige laminate flooring

As with the namesake, metallic laminates have a sleek and industrial look. They may look too stark against a bedroom wardrobe, but they are ideal in kitchens.

Best Colors for Your Wardrobe

The wardrobe’s laminate finish is not the only thing that will elevate your bedroom’s interior: The color is a major element that can add to your whole aesthetic.

Light-colored laminates can blend into the bedroom and emphasize a contemporary but sophisticated style of the wardrobe, while dark-colored laminates can add a sense of depth into the room.

Here are wardrobe colors you can go for.

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Walnut Brown

Go for a walnut brown color if you want a rustic tone in your bedroom while still retaining aesthetic versatility. The color both has a modern and classic vibe, so it can blend into the bedroom regardless of how you style the interior.

The color can also give your room a sense of solidity and dimension. It can be visually cohesive with any interior, so it’s a safe choice if you’re not sure which to choose.

Check out this walnut laminate on Amazon.

Warm Brown

Empty room with dark wooden floating laminate flooring and wardrobe

Warm brown laminates have a warmer undertone, and they have a more vibrant look that can brighten up your room. They will look great against rustic or modern farmhouse interiors, but they have a certain level of aesthetic versatility that you can use to your advantage.

However, it can be challenging to pair the wardrobe color with contemporary-looking bedroom interiors, but it’s doable depending on how you style the bedroom.

Dark Brown

Dark brown wooden drawer cabinet in the house

If you want your bedroom to have a more structured look, you can opt for a dark brown wardrobe. This will emphasize the wood look of the laminate surface, and it can blend with modern-style bedroom with a bit of rustic flair.

Auburn Brown

Luxury and very clean empty european room

Auburn brown laminates have a more vibrant undertone. The red tints can add a splash of color into the bedroom without being visually overwhelming, but the rich tones can be difficult to pair with some bedroom color schemes.

You can try applying this color in a neutral-toned bedroom and add accents that match the wardrobe color. This will make the color scheme more cohesive.

Eggshell White

Closet in apartment

Eggshell White has a more versatile tone, and the light color reflects light better. The wardrobe color can be paired with almost all bedroom color schemes, and they have a soft tone that can blend into the interior.

This wardrobe color is ideal if you want to maintain a soft and light color scheme, and if you want a contemporary but cohesive look in your bedroom.

Light Beige

Minimal scandinavian wood walk in closet with wardrobe

This is a warm-toned alternative to eggshell white. This wardrobe color is aesthetically versatile, and it can easily be incorporated into the bedroom interior. This color is ideal if you want your bedroom to have a warmer and more inviting look.

Final Thoughts

Dark wooden floating laminate flooring and wardrobe in an empty room

A laminate is a great material to incorporate into any space. The color and finish can make or break the bedroom, so make sure you choose one that matches your personal preferences as well as the scheme of your interior.