What Flooring Goes With Butcher Block Countertops? [11 Ideas With Photos]

Butcher block countertops are stylish kitchen fixtures that can satisfy both your aesthetic and functional needs. They are one of the most affordable countertops available on the market, so they're generally accessible. They are a great material to incorporate into your cooking space since they have a sleek appearance, but the wood grain gives them warmth and character.

Matching countertops with floors can be tricky since they are the two most eye-catching features in a kitchen space. You want them to be cohesive as much as possible, and depending on your preference, you also want them to be visually versatile.

Fortunately, most butcher block countertops have a fairly neutral color, so you can incorporate them into any color scheme. You can either create contrast with either the floor or countertops having a darker shade, or you can make them match closely for a more integrated interior.

Either way, you can't really go wrong with butcher countertops, so you have more color options to choose from for your flooring. We have gathered ideas to inspire you for your kitchen remodeling, so keep reading below to learn more.

Person working, rubbing oiling with linseed oil natural wood. - What Flooring Goes With Butcher Block Countertops? [11 Ideas With Photos]

1. Dark-colored Hardwood Flooring

Dark-colored hardwood is a tried-and-true flooring solution that can perfectly match butcher block countertops. When it comes to functionality, hardwood flooring is not completely waterproof, so you may have to refinish and seal them to avoid problems.

Despite this, hardwood flooring is water-resistant so it can withstand a high amount of humidity in the kitchen.

This flooring has a lot of color options ranging from rustic taupes to rich dark tones. You can go for oak, walnut, or hickory which are all highly durable and can last a long time.

2. Light-colored Hardwood Flooring

If you want something that can make your kitchen space feel airier and bright, go for light-colored hardwood floorings such as white oak or distressed pine wood materials. These flooring materials can match butcher countertops beautifully regardless of their color.

This flooring will add a contemporary, modern-farmhouse flair to your kitchen, especially when paired with pastel-colored cabinets. They are aesthetically versatile and not visually overwhelming, and they reflect natural light better. This is ideal if you live in a small space since lighter colors tend to widen a space better.

3. Elegant Porcelain Tile Flooring

Porcelain tiles are an affordable option that can instantly spruce up your kitchen. They are aesthetically versatile, so they can easily blend into rustic or contemporary styles--which is usually the case with kitchens featuring butcher countertops. 

There are many styles you can choose from with porcelain tiles, but the most common practice is to incorporate light-colored tiles into a kitchen space. They are a safe bet, and they make the kitchen feel more sleek and neat. 

Porcelain tiles are a popular option since they are generally non-porous, so they won't absorb water or moisture that kitchens can be notorious for. They are highly durable and can last for a long time with the right maintenance routine. 

4. Rustic Style Vinyl Flooring

Modern vinyl flooring has become popular over the years because of its improved functionality. Luxury vinyl planks or luxury vinyl tiles contain three layers that make them heavily waterproof and durable, and they closely resemble wooden planks contributing to their aesthetic appeal. 

However, note that vinyl planks can be easily dented and scratched so you need to practice caution when you're moving appliances and furniture around. 

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5. Warm-toned Laminate Flooring

Warm-toned laminate flooring will complement the warm tones of butcher countertops perfectly. They can give off a warm and rustic style, making your kitchen space look inviting and welcoming. You can pair them either with vibrant pastel cabinets or neutral cabinets depending on the aesthetic you want. 

Besides its aesthetic appeal, laminate flooring is a more affordable alternative to hardwood floors without sacrificing visual appeal. They are also highly durable and can withstand a heavy amount of foot traffic, ensuring a long lifespan as long as you incorporate an effective cleaning routine.

Although laminate floors can be water-resistant, don't let water spills sit on the floor for too long since they can warp the flooring. Excessive amounts of moisture can also damage the floor, so make sure you have adequate ventilation in the kitchen if you're planning to have laminate flooring. 

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6. Patterned Tile Flooring

If you want a more artistic flair, go for patterned tile flooring. The material can either be porcelain or ceramic depending on your preference. Patterned kitchen flooring has a lot of visual stimulation, and butcher countertops balance out that richness to tie the kitchen together.

This flooring is also an unpredictable choice, so you'll have a more unique kitchen space that you can enjoy. 

For a more cohesive interior, make the cabinet color match one of the colors in the floor pattern. So if you have a blue element on the floor, you can paint the cabinets a navy blue shade. 

7. Warm Terra Cotta Flooring

Terra cotta Flooring can make your kitchen space look richer and more sophisticated, with the warm tiles giving depth and dimension to the area. They are aesthetically versatile despite their rich tone, and they have a rustic flair that can complement any style. 

Terra cotta floors are also known for withstanding extreme wear and tear. Even after many years, they can have a rugged charm that can make your kitchen look effortlessly chic. 

There is also terra-cotta colored flooring available in porcelain or ceramic for a more affordable and accessible option. 

8. Vibrant-colored Tile Flooring

Just because neutral-toned or wood-colored floorings are more commonly used doesn't mean you can't explore other color options. Go the unconventional route and install vibrant floorings in other colors.

Just make sure that the kitchen space will still have a cohesive color palette so the interior won't look visually messy.

Take advantage of the aesthetic versatility of butcher block countertops and explore other hues and shades that can spruce up your kitchen space. 

9. Plaid Tile Flooring

If you want a flooring design that's visually stimulating but not overwhelming, go with tile flooring. They're a more chic and low-key alternative to checkered flooring which can be visually overwhelming. 

This pattern adds character to the kitchen space. They make for a beautiful statement, and they complement butcher block countertops. The style is reminiscent of the vibe during the '80s and '90s when plaid designs were all the rage. 

10. Solid Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is ideal for kitchens that are directly on ground level. Concrete flooring adds a contemporary flair to your kitchen space and creates visual contrast with the rustic vibe of butcher block countertops. 

Concrete floors are highly durable, and they can be treated so they can be more low-maintenance. However, make sure the kitchen space is well-ventilated so the concrete floor won't absorb too much moisture. 

When properly sealed, concrete flooring can have increased water resistance, so make sure you treat it first before using it to ensure a long lifespan. 

A drawback you may also want to address is the fact that concrete floors tend to feel cold. You can layer the floor with warm carpets to keep the floors comfortable and insulated. 

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11. Grey Tile Flooring

Having grey tile floors is a good alternative if you don't want concrete floors but still want the kitchen to exude a more industrial and modern vibe. Grey tiles can make the kitchen space feel more structured, and they complement butcher block countertops well. 

Grey tiles are available in porcelain or ceramic tiles, or you can go for granite or marble tiles for a more elegant look. 

Final Thoughts

Butcher block countertops are relatively easy to match floors with. They have a neutral color, so you have the freedom to explore a lot of unconventional colors and styles that reflect your preferences.

However, going the safe route is also ideal since the options are aesthetically versatile, and they give the kitchen a more classic and elegant look.

As always, make sure the flooring you choose matches your preferences. Maintain it well so it can last a long time.