Trafficmaster Vs. Lifeproof Carpet: Which To Choose?

If you're torn between these two brands, you've come to the right page. We've researched their pros and cons to help you choose the right one for your home.

TrafficMaster and LifeProof carpets are both affordable brands and offer a wide range of choices for buyers.

LifeProof carpets are known for their exceptional stain resistance and better fiber quality but you have to choose the right warranty coverage for you. TrafficMaster carpets are versatile and eco-friendly but their warranties are pro-rated.

Keep on reading to learn more about the pros and cons of installing TrafficMaster and LifeProof carpets in your home. Let's begin with the battle of two of the most affordable carpets brands that are exclusively available at Home Depot!

A comparison between Trafficmaster and Lifeproof carpet, Trafficmaster Vs Lifeproof Carpet: Which To Choose?

Which Carpet Works Best: LifeProof or TrafficMaster?

Carpets are a nice choice for flooring material. They are comfortable to walk or sit on. They make the floor safer because they aren't slippery and can provide a cushion for your fall.

These flooring materials also add warmth to your room giving it a cozy vibe. They also help reduce noise by absorbing the sounds coming from your TV, speakers, and gadgets.

We also cannot discount the fact that carpets add beauty and style to your home. They come in different designs and colors to complement the overall look of your interior.

Types and samples of carpets in different colors

But of course, you have to choose the right carpet for your home to make it work. Don't worry if your budget is tight. You can still get carpet flooring for your home. Go and see the Home Depot branch nearest you for some economical options on the market.

LifeProof and TrafficMaster are two of Home Depot's in-house brands that offer affordable carpet solutions for your home. But not all carpets are created equal. That's why you have to do your research before you decide which one to buy and install in your home.

LifeProof Carpets

LifeProof Carpet is manufactured by Mohawk Flooring which is very proud of the product's high carpet rating.


Here are the advantages of using LifeProof carpet in your home.

Stain Resistance

This is the LifeProof carpets' main claim to fame. Manufacturers say that their carpets have superb resistance when it comes to stains.

Stains are one of the top concerns when you have carpet flooring as they can instantly ruin the carpet's look. LifeProof says that they have specifically designed and integrated this superior stain-resistant property on the carpet's fibers.

It is part of the material itself which is why you can be assured that it won't wash off or deteriorate over time. Each fiber can resist stains and therefore maintain its good look for a long time.


You will never run out of options here. You can choose from over 100 designs, each available in different colors. You also get to choose different carpet styles that suit your preference and household needs such as textured, patterned, loop, or twist carpets.

Fiber Quality

LifeProof carpets are made of BCF nylon, BCF polyester, or a blend of Triexta. BCF stands for "bulk continuous filament" which means that the carpet is made from one strand.

This is why their carpet fibers are durable and they don't shed easily. Polyester is stain-resistant by nature while nylon has to be treated to achieve this quality.

Polyester is soft whereas nylon is firm. On the other hand, Triexta is a synthetic material that shares some similarities to nylon and polyester but it is said to be the most durable among the three materials.


LifeProof carpet is offered at an affordable price that ranges from $1.79 to $7.90 per square foot. The cost ranges from low to mid-range price points so it will suit any homeowner's budget.


Now, here are the drawbacks of purchasing LifeProof carpets.

Different Warranties

Buyers need to understand that Home Depot offers different kinds of warranties for their carpets. The coverage that you'll be provided will depend on the warranty that you get.

Make sure you read each warranty offer carefully so that you can choose one that suits your particular household's situation and needs.

For example, a standard warranty won't cover stains from pet urine. If you are a pet owner, you better get a warranty with PetStain and PetProof provisions.

Those are the benefits and drawbacks of using LifeProof carpets. We'll now move on to TrafficMaster carpets.

TrafficMaster Carpets

Carpet tiles colorful

TrafficMaster is manufactured and sold by Home Depot. Since there are no middlemen from point A to point B, Home Depot can offer this flooring material at a more affordable price.


Here's what you stand to gain when you purchase a TrafficMaster carpet for your home.


TrafficMaster offers many options for you in their residential carpet product line. You can choose from their texture, loop, twist, and pattern carpets.

They also have carpet tiles in texture, twist, and pattern styles and these can be installed easily with their peel-and-stick application.

These are also available in different styles and colors so you're not limited when it comes to choosing the flooring material that will work best with your interior.

Fiber Quality

TrafficMaster carpets are available in rolls and tiles. These are made of polyester and nylon of varying densities. Of course, the denser the carpet, the better the quality so you have to inspect the samples carefully to be able to choose the best product in their collection.

Customized Style

When you choose carpet tiles, you are free to design your carpet floor any way you want. You can go with a solid color or mix and match different colors and designs for a unique look. The possibilities are endless and you can express your personality through your carpet floor.


TrafficMaster carpets can be used in any part of your house. You just have to choose the right product to suit the particular purpose. They have indoor or outdoor carpets and carpets for your basement, patio, and garage.


TrafficMaster carpets are also offered at affordable and mid-range price points. The price ranges from $0.65 to $3.00 per square foot. This is one of the most affordable carpet prices on the market.


TrafficMaster uses recyclable materials. This is good news for our environmental advocates. After the carpet has served its purpose in your home, people can still find other uses for them elsewhere. They won't add up to the dirt pile in our landfills which is great considering the bulk of these materials.


You can expect these drawbacks when you choose TrafficMaster carpet.

Pro-rated Warranties

TrafficMaster warranties range from 5-15 years and they are prorated. "Pro-rated" means you won't get 100% protection for the entire duration of the warranty.

The proration can start as early as 3 years after installation depending on the product that you'll purchase. You have to understand the terms of the warranty coverage, what's included, and how much is covered after 5, 8, 10, and 15 years.

Other Disadvantages of LifeProof and TrafficMaster Carpets

Modern business interior

LifeProof and Trafficmaster share the following drawbacks.


LifeProof and TrafficMaster carpets are only available at Home Depot outlets so if you want them, you have no choice but to go to a branch nearest to you. Sure, you can order online but you won't have the opportunity to check out how the texture feels and what the style and design look like in person.

Installation Concerns

Basic installation is said to be free but you should read the fine print carefully so you can manage your expectations. Home Depot has third-party contractors who can do the carpet installation.

You have to coordinate with the third-party contractor regarding additional services needed and how much they would cost. This may include the removal of old carpet and materials needed for the installation like carpet pads and tack strips.

If there are other concerns regarding the installation quality, you would need to get in touch with the contractor and not with Home Depot.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Picture of steam cleaner over floor or carpet

Carpets in general require more cleaning and maintenance from homeowners to preserve their great condition. On-the-spot cleaning is still required to prevent stains even though LifeProof prides itself on the superior stain resistance property of its carpets.

Some users of LifeProof carpets have raised concerns that it was hard to use a vacuum over these flooring materials. But other users say that you just need to adjust the settings so that you can clean your carpet using your vacuum cleaner.

But in case it doesn't work for you, you need to buy another vacuum cleaner with the applicable settings so that you can maintain the cleanliness of your carpet.

The Verdict

TrafficMaster carpets are more affordable, versatile, and eco-friendly. They also have the option for DIY and customization when you choose carpet tiles. These carpets are great for those who are just renting a house in the meantime.

Meanwhile, LifeProof carpets' greatest strengths are their ability to resist stains and the strength of their fibers. Both these qualities translate to the durability and endurance of the product. For most buyers, these attributes matter the most since they can get the best value out of their money.

Final Thoughts

Both LifeProof and TrafficMaster offer homeowners the chance to have affordable carpet flooring in various designs. At the end of the day, they serve the same function in your home. So, choose which one suits your household needs and budget so you can arrive at a wise decision.

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