Tile And Wood Floor Combination Kitchen Ideas (With Pictures!)

Generally, you should limit flooring to two or three types throughout the house to create a unified look. But what if you cannot decide which one to use for your kitchen floor? There are several choices for vinyl, laminate, engineered wood, and tiles, but have you considered mixing two types in one room?

You know tiles are suitable for the kitchen, but so is wood. Nowadays, there is a term called "mixed media floor." It means that you can mix different materials to display your creativity without your floors looking chaotic.

You can instantly create a customized floor by pairing wood and tiles. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to this floor combo. The only disadvantage is that wood flooring may not be too great for the kitchen as it is an enemy of water.

But don't fret; if that worries you, there are design ideas to remedy that. Here are some ways to transition wood to tiles and combine both for your kitchen floors.

kitchen interior with dark wooden countertops, white cupboards, a cooker and two ovens and a large vase. Blurred 3d rendering. - Tile And Wood Floor Combination Kitchen Ideas (With Pictures!)

1. Weaving

Weaving is the most popular way of combining wood and tiles without looking too obvious. Light-colored tiles are enclosed by wood planks that create a basket-like design. You can use hardwood, engineered wood, or luxury vinyl planks here.

2. Wood To Tile Transition

In this example, wood and tile merge into one. Let the two floors run into each other. Notice how the hexagon tiles are placed by the kitchen sink; it's a clever way of preventing water from getting to the wood floor.

The good thing about using these hexagon-shaped tiles is that there are a lot of colors you can choose from, so you can coordinate it with the color of the cabinets or countertops.

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3. Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are not only for crafting but for flooring as well. These are often used for back splashing, but you can use these to transition from wood to ceramic or vice versa.

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4. Wood Borders

You can use wood as borders for tiles if you have wood cabinets. Pick tiles that coordinate with the color of the varnish or finish of the wood cabinets for a more cohesive look.

5. Moroccan Inspired

The kitchen tiles in the center make the design pop without looking chaotic. These tiles look good because they hide stains and dirt well. You can buy peel-and-stick Moroccan-styled tile, ceramic, porcelain, or even use stencils if you want to paint your white tiles.

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6. Go Half and Half

If you don't like mixing the tiles and wood in the middle of the floor, you can do the transition at the end of the counter or cabinets. In this example, the tile and wood floor meet where the counter ends.

7. Choose Geometric Patterns

The black and white geometric-patterned tiles go well with the wood. The design of the tiles makes the wooden floor modern. The transition from wood to tile appears effortless.

8. Mix Colors

Hexagon tiles or other ceramic and porcelain tiles come in different colors and designs. Do not be afraid to pick bold colors for your floors. The important thing is that they go well together. In the example above, the colors of the tiles pop against the neutral kitchen.

9. Frame Your Workspace

You can replicate this idea for your kitchen. The tile's purpose here is to frame the workspace or the area where you prep food. It also can be multi-purpose as it is easier to clean tiles than wood.

10. Center Stage

Instead of merging the tiles and wood floor, why not place the tiles under the dining table or in places where the rugs or carpets usually are? Tiles with intricate designs serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

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11. Alternate Wood And Tile

It sort of looks like weaving but this time, use a colorful tile to alternate with wood planks. The tiles will pop when surrounded by wood. This floor design is perfect for a kitchen with neutral colors.

12. Mix And Match

Mixing and matching is a fun way of designing your white kitchen. In the example above, the tiles and wood planks are mixed to form patterns on the floor. Notice that the wood dominates the living room, while more white tiles lead to the dining and kitchen.

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13. Checkmate

The checkered floor is such a classic design for your kitchen. Instead of using two tiles with different colors, why not use a light-colored tile and dark-colored wood or vice versa? This design idea gives off a nostalgic vibe.

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14. Go With Traditional Style

If you are not yet ready to venture to a bolder design, there is nothing wrong with going for a traditionally colored tile and wood. The combination is timeless, and the outcome is a polished look.

15. Color Coordination

Kitchens with customized wood cabinetry naturally go with wooden floors, but you can add some tiles. In the above example, the tiles are subtly placed near the sink where most water mess happens. The color of the tiles blends well with the wood floors too.

16. Two-In-One

The kitchen may be a space that serves two purposes. The idea above shows that a wood and tile floor combination designates two areas in one room.

You can use the wood flooring for the eating area and the tiled floor for the kitchen area. The floor transition signals the purpose of each space.

17. Play With Shapes

Nobody said you could not use tiles as a decorative piece. The black hexagon tiles are placed to match the cabinets in this wood and tile floor combination. It's more for aesthetics than functional purposes. The outcome of the combination looks contemporary.

18. The Scandinavian Vibe

The white and brown floors are evident but not overwhelming. The lighting in the room highlights the distinction in a good way too. Add decorative indoor plants to complete the Scandinavian feel.

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19. Be A Minimalist

There is no tile in the design sample above. However, imagine white ceramic tiles in place of the rug by the sink. The simple design gives off warm vibes in the kitchen.

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20. Make Colors Pop

Add drama to the flooring by mixing colorful ceramic tiles with the usual wood flooring. The orange and blue combination in the sample above contrasts with the light-colored wood.

But because they are contrasting colors, they coordinate well. There are decorative tiles you can buy to help you achieve this look.

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21. Combine The Old And New

The light wood floors and black cabinets create a classic contract. The color coordination never goes out of style. Adding multi-colored tiles in the center makes a unique combination. The tiles are eye-catching and add sophistication to the kitchen.

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22. Matchy-Matchy

Pick a trendy color and use it as your kitchen motif. The sample above accentuates the simple blue kitchen cabinets with beautifully-designed blue tiles. These tiles can be hand painted if you have a stencil. You can also get hand-painted ceramic tiles in the market. 

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23. Make A Statement

Make a statement by pairing the backsplash with the flooring. The heavy patterns of the tiles do not distract the whole kitchen because the floorings, cabinets, and even the countertop are well coordinated. As they say, you cannot go wrong with neutrals.

In Conclusion

For your kitchen, never be afraid to combine tiles and wood because there are a lot of possibilities to do so without looking tacky.

Consider the above ideas to develop a design that will show your personality and style using the floor design. Make your kitchen as attractive as other rooms by combining tile and wood floorings.

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