How To Spot Clean Lifeproof Carpet

Lifeproof carpets are generally stain-resistant because they are made of fibers that repel most stains. If you are looking for ways to spot clean your Lifeproof carpets, you’ve come to the right place. We have researched this to come up with easy steps for you.

The advantage of a Lifeproof carpet is that it is easy to clean. Spot clean the carpet by scooping up the spill and blotting the area with a cloth and warm water. With Lifeproof carpets, rubbing the spills is not necessary.

This post will further discuss these steps, the proper maintenance of your carpet, and other details. Continue reading to find out more information on this topic.

Spot Cleaning A Lifeproof Carpet

Although Lifeproof carpets are stain-resistant, spot cleaning is the same as regular carpets. Stain-resistant carpets are impervious to food stains, so they are relatively easy to clean. The key is to remove the spill quickly.

Rolls of beautiful and thick carpet

Scoop Up The Spill

If you have a carpet in the dining area, spilling food and beverages is common. When your kid accidentally spills his food, scoop it up immediately. It prevents the mess from spreading any further. Staining is more likely to occur if spilled food or beverages stay there longer.

Take note that there are food and beverage spills that are more difficult to remove than others, for example, curry sauce and coffee. So, it is better to be careful when you have carpets in the dining area.

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Grab A Cloth And Warm Water

Once you have scooped up the spilled food, get a clean rug and wet it with warm water. Dab the wet rug in the area you need to clean. Do not rub the carpet to avoid spreading the mess. Most of the time, a potent cleaning agent is not necessary.

Vacuum cleaning a dirty carpet

Lifeproof Carpet Care Maintenance

It is imperative for you to properly maintain your Lifeproof carpets even though they are resistant to stains. Proper maintenance is also necessary to preserve them.  


Lifeproof carpets should be vacuumed at least twice a week to keep them in pristine condition. When cleaning the carpets, do it slowly and steadily, as a quick once-over will not get much dirt out. Make sure that the crevices get attention too.

These areas are more prone to dirt buildup. To improve the vacuum’s efficiency, replace vacuum bags when they are almost full. You should also use vacuums with the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval.

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Professional Cleaning

Every 12-18 months, the carpets need to be cleaned using hot water extraction. This method uses hot water with cleaning agents. Steam cleaning, as it is also called, introduces the solution into the carpet’s fiber with high pressure. Then the dirt is removed by vacuuming.

Take Your Shoes Off

Before you enter the door, it would be better to take your shoes off. Having door mats outside reduces the specks of dirt you bring inside the house. Thus, the carpet catches lesser dirt.

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Sometimes it is hard to remember to do this, especially if you have gotten used to wearing shoes inside the house. Placing a shoe rack by the door is a good reminder for everyone. It helps inform guests that you implement a no-shoe policy inside the house without being blunt.

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Air Filter

Having air filters help clean the air inside your home. They reduce airborne dust particles that harm you and cause your carpets to be filthy.

Do Lifeproof Carpets Have A Warranty?

Different colors of carpets displayed at a Home Depot store, How To Spot Clean Lifeproof Carpet

Lifeproof carpets are only available in Home Depot. They offer warranties of different kinds if you purchase the carpets from them. All carpets installed in rental properties are excluded from the warranties. The types of warranties offered are:

Limited Stain And Soil Warranty

Stains from most food and beverages are covered under this warranty. However, food with colored dyes, such as mustard, coffee, or curry, is not included.

Soil warranties only cover color changes due to the buildup of dirt resulting from foot traffic. Color changes due to fading are not covered. The warranty excludes wax-based products, cosmetics, bleach, inks, paint, asphalt, tar, soot, and cement.

Pet Stain Warranty

Pets may leave stains, such as urine, on your carpet. With this exclusive warranty, any stains caused by your pets are covered. There are no limits to occurrences.

Limited Wear Warranty

This warranty covers the loss of more than 10% of the carpet’s fiber. If the carpet is determined to have lost more than 10% of the fiber, Home Depot will replace the damaged part with an identical carpet.

However, if improper cleaning or tears from furniture cause damage, the warranty will not cover it. It also does not cover carpets installed outside the house, on stairs, bathrooms, kitchens, or garages. 

A blue carpet inside a luxurious living room

Limited Texture Retention Warranty

Texture retention is defined as the ability of the carpet’s surface to retain its shape. If, within the warranty life, the carpet’s texture rating of 3.0, Home Depot will manage the replacement of the damaged part with a similar carpet. 

This limited warranty excludes the following:

  • Carpets installed outdoors.
  • Carpets installed on stairs, bathrooms, and kitchens.
  • Carpets installed over pads.
  • Physical damages caused by pets.

Why Do Carpets Look Dirty After Cleaning?

Some stains tend to reappear on carpets. It makes the carpet looks dirty even after it has been cleaned. It is known as wicking and can be prevented by doing the following:

  • Drying the carpet: If you spot clean your carpet, place a fan on the wet surface with the blower on low settings to help it dry faster.
  • Using lesser spotting chemicals: A chemical container with a sprayer is better for controlling the cleaning agent you put on your carpet. Try to blot the area to be cleaned instead of adding water.
  • Humidity factor: Cleaning carpets on days with lower humidity.

What Kind Of Carpet Lasts The Longest?

The most durable and stain-resistant carpet fiber is nylon. This type lasts long and can be used in areas with heavy foot traffic, such as the living room or the kitchen.

A stockpile of brand-new carpet displayed at a store

What Color Carpet Hides Dirt Best?

It is wise to pick a carpet color that hides dirt and specks. If you have kids and pets, or the house occupants are always busy, your carpets may become dirty faster than usual. Therefore, the ideal colors are:

  • Dark Colors: These are the go-to colors when you want to hide dirt or even stains. Medium to dark brown is often the choice.

  • Patterned Carpets: Another way to hide dirt is by using carpets with patterns like this one:

  • Neutral Colors: They may be an odd choice because it looks like they’ll show dirt easier. However, carpets with flecks are different. They have neutral colors, but they have specks that hide dirt.

In Conclusion

Different colors of carpets displayed at a Home Depot store

Spot cleaning a Lifeproof carpet is not that difficult as the carpet is made to resist stains. However, you must never forget that the earlier you can remove spills, the better you won’t risk damaging the carpets. Proper care and maintenance are necessary to keep your carpets in good condition.

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