Ruggable Vs. Hook And Loom: Which To Choose?

Ruggable and Hook and Loom are two equally popular brands of area rugs. If you can't decide which to buy between the two, we've got you covered. We did the research and compared these two brands. Here's what we found out.

Ruggable area rugs take pride in their patented rug system and offer a wide variety of designs, colors, textures, and sizes. They are also pet-friendly and machine-washable which makes maintenance very convenient. Hook and Loom rugs are for those who support eco-friendly products and value the uniqueness of handmade art pieces.

Continue reading to know more about Ruggable and Hook and Loom rugs so that you can make your own choice for your home. Let's begin!

A collaged photo of patterned rug inside a living room, Ruggable Vs. Hook And Loom: Which To Choose?

Which is better: Ruggable or Hook and Loom?

Area rugs are popular home decorating accessories. They can instantly transform the look of a room with their bright colors and beautiful patterns. They also help put all the elements of a room together to create a warm, cozy, and inviting ambiance.

Aside from enhancing the look and feel of a room, they also protect your floor from spills, scratches, and other forms of damage.

A pattern rug placed in the middle of the living room

When it comes to brands of these area rugs, Ruggable and Hook and Loom are always among the top recommendations. We understand that choosing between the two can be quite difficult. After all, a wrong choice can mean a waste of money.

Knowing more about these two brands would help you come up with an informed decision so that you can choose the perfect rug for your home. Without much further ado, we present to you the pertinent details you need to know about each brand.


As their tagline goes, Ruggable rugs are wonderful washable rugs. These are made in the US while their materials are sourced from different countries such as China, Germany, Korea, and Mexico.

Patented Rug System

Each of the rugs in their collections comes with a rug cover and rug pad. Yes, these two components always come together. You can't just have the rug cover.

The rug cover is lightweight and comes in different colors, patterns, and textures. It sticks to the nonslip rug pad through the ingenious Cling Effect™ technology.

Don't worry because they are easy to assemble. You can detach the rug cover when you need to wash it then attach it again and it would still fasten to the rug pad without any hassle.

Designs, Colors, and Sizes

We don't even know where to begin as Ruggable comes in a wide variety of designs for you to choose from.

Of course, there are the traditional ones for those who want to keep it simple but there are also designs that would give your room a contemporary, modern, vintage, geometric, Bohemian, Persian, Moroccan, and Scandinavian look.

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What's more exciting is they even have collaborations with Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney. The designs are perfect for kids and adults alike. Their Jonathan Adler, Monica Ahanonu, Nina Takesh, and Keith Haring collections feature chic designer rugs to add a classy, artistic, and unconventional look to your room.

Click this link to find this Ruggable x Jonathan Adler area rug on Amazon.

Their rugs come in different sizes too from small, large, runners, and round so that you can choose the one that fits your room perfectly! The colors and patterns work together to achieve the particular look that you're after.

Find this 9'x12' Ruggable area rug on Amazon.


Ruggable offers six different textures that you can choose from.

  • Chenille. These are indoor rugs with a soft, smooth, and velvety texture. They are low pile, stain-resistant and interchangeable.
  • Doormat. These outdoor rugs have heavy-duty bristles that can stand up well to the elements. They trap dirt and mud but they're also machine-washable so you wouldn't have any problem keeping them clean.
  • Plush. These are soft, fluffy, cushiony and feel like wool. They have a high pile but they're very durable.
  • Outdoor. These rugs have a flat, thick, heavy, and woven texture. They have weather-resistant properties and can resist UV rays which make them perfect for your outdoor area.
  • Re-jute. They also have a woven texture but still feel soft to the touch. These rugs are extra-durable and shed-resistant.
  • Shag. These rugs are fluffy, comfortable, and cozy. They have a high pile but are easy to maintain since they resist stains and shedding.

Other Special Features

Wooden flooring living room with white painted walls and modern furnitures scattered all over the room

Ruggable rugs are easy to clean. Each one is machine-washable. When there are spills or stains on the surface, you can just remove the rug cover and put it in your washing machine.

This is why these rugs are recommended for households with kids and pets. You won't mind them having fun on the rug since cleaning isn't a hassle.

And if you didn't like what you ordered, they have a 30-day return policy. You can get a refund just minus the processing fee for each item that you've bought.

Hook and Loom

If you want to protect the planet as you flatter the look of your floor, Hook and Loom is the rug for you. Their earth-friendly pieces are made by skilled weavers of Haryana, India. You can say that each one is a meticulous work of art.

Eco-friendly Choice

Hook and Loom takes pride in being environment-friendly. They don't use chemicals, latex, adhesives, or dyes. They are also the healthier choice since their rugs are free from toxic chemicals.

A rug placed in the middle of the living room with wooden flooring and white painted walls

They use eco-cotton, organic cotton, or natural wool for their rugs and have their own innovative process to recycle or produce the rest of the materials that they need to come up with affordable, durable, and beautiful pieces.

Rug Types

Hook and Loom basically offers two rug types - those made from wool and cotton.

Their wool rugs let you enjoy the comfort of wool in its natural goodness, softness, and beauty. You can choose from their loom-hooked, thick flatweave, and classic flatweave collections.

Rugs from their cotton series are soft to the touch. These are available in loom-hooked, flatweave, and braided creations.

Their colored rugs won't bleed or fade when washed because they don't use dyes or chemicals. Their yarns are from recovered textile fibers and they use an innovative process to achieve their desired color.

Colors and Design

Hook and Loom rugs come in solids, stripes, cross weave, heathered, and patterned designs. They have a more conservative and traditionally woven design.

The colors of their wool collection are in the shades of brown and gray since they do not treat the wool with dyes or other chemicals to change its color.

Their cotton rugs are also mostly of neutral colors but they also offer pieces in shades of blue, red/orange, green, pink, yellow, and purple.


Hook and Loom products are only available in their online store. You won't be able to purchase them anywhere else. And since each rug is carefully handmade, they cannot produce a lot of stocks for each design at a given time.

Special Considerations

A gorgeous interior of a modern living room with a blue patterned rug and white sofa on the side

If you have pets with long nails, it's best to choose their flatweave rugs so that their nails won't snag or damage the material.

Only their flatweave eco cotton rugs are machine-washable. The rest can be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner.

The Verdict

Hook and Loom rugs aren't available in physical stores as of the moment but they do offer free shipping anywhere in the US. The downside to this is you don't get to see and feel the materials of the rug in person.

On a positive note, the limited availability could also be seen that you would possess a unique piece of handwoven rug.

Hook and Loom's products don't come with rug pads. You would have to purchase them separately if you want to have one underneath your rugs. However, their available rug pads might not come in the same size as your preferred rug.

But Hook and Loom assure buyers that their rug pads are easy to cut with scissors so that they'll fit the rug. Just take note that their rug pads cannot be used on radiant heated floors and those with LVT/LVP flooring.

Both Ruggable and Hook and Loom have a 30-day return policy which is good news for buyers especially those who buy online. Ruggable charges for a processing fee for this transaction while you would have to shoulder the shipping fee to send your order back to Hook and Loom.

But when it comes to variety, convenience, and availability, the hands-down choice is Ruggable. There are just so many options to choose from which makes it easier for buyers to find the perfect piece for their home.

Hook and Loom rugs are for buyers who put a premium on protecting the environment and appreciating the hard work that goes with each handmade product.

Final Thoughts

A collaged photo of patterned rug inside a living room

At the end of the day, the choice is entirely up to you. Don't just base on the brand but assess if the rug suits your needs and lifestyle so that it'll be a worthwhile investment for your home.

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