Roomba With Ruggable – How To?

How nice would it be to have a robot that can do all the cleaning for you, right? That's probably why you got a Roomba! But will it work with your Ruggable or is there something you should do so your precious area rug isn't damaged while Roomba does the cleaning? We asked the experts and here's their answer.

Ruggable discourages the use of robot vacuum cleaners on their products to prevent damage. However, some users attest that Roomba could safely clean low-pile Ruggable area rugs without any issues. If you have high-piled rugs, you can either remove them from the room when your Roomba is cleaning or program the vacuum cleaning robot to avoid the rug while it's going through the room.

Keep on reading to know more about using Roomba on different kinds of Ruggable area rugs. We'll also answer if Roomba can replace your regular vacuum cleaner. Let's get this started!

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Can you use a Roomba on a Ruggable rug?

iRobot Roomba 630 Vacuum Cleaning Robot on blue carpet. Studio shot.

A Roomba is a vacuum cleaning robot designed and sold by iRobot Corporation. It totally revolutionized the way we do cleaning at home! Finally, there's a robot that'll do the dirty work for you without complaining! Everybody is happy, right?

It'll do the sweeping and vacuuming all by itself.  Now, you have a robot that can tidy up your home while you're out or doing other important things. How cool is that?

Roomba is so easy to use. Just press the Clean button and it would be on its way to making your house spic and span.

It comes in different models but some things they have in common are a 3-stage cleaning system, power-lifting suction, edge-sweeping brush, and dual multi-surface rubber brushes that adjust to different floor types.

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Yes, you can use Roomba on multiple surfaces. Depending on the model that you have, you can even create virtual maps so that it can clean only specific parts of your house on your preferred schedule.

But what if you have Ruggable area rugs in your rooms? Would you still be able to use your Roomba to clean the floors including the area rugs? Won't it get stuck on the edges and piles?

Manufacturers of Ruggable area rugs do not recommend the use of robot vacuums when cleaning their products. They want to avoid the edges and corners of the rugs from getting damaged by the harsh bristles of these autonomous robot vacuums.

Other types of vacuum cleaners are okay to use as long as you use the proper settings - they should be at low suction and high pile. The use of soft and pliable brush bristles is also recommended.

Low-pile Ruggable Area Rugs

Fragment of soft fabric in beige color. Crumpled velveteen or velvet. Material for sewing toys, home and childrens clothing. Low pile synthetic fiber.

However, there have been some Roomba users who assure those with Ruggable area rugs that they've been safely using the robot vacuum cleaner on their own rugs. But it should be reiterated here that they also recommend using it on low-pile rugs only.

They noted that Roomba didn't have any problem getting on and off the rugs and easily navigated them just like any low-pile carpeted floor in the house.

High-pile Ruggable Area Rugs

Off white high pile or shag rug.

But if you have Ruggables with high-pile texture rugs such as Shag and Plush, it's best to remove them from the room when your Roomba is at work to avoid damaging these products.

These rugs are machine-washable anyway so you can always clean them using your washer or even traditional types of vacuum cleaners. Better safe than sorry!

You can also program your robot vacuum so that it would know which areas to avoid when cleaning. Some models of Roomba make use of a Virtual Wall technology that allows you to do this. The robot vacuum cleaner would then circumvent the area rug to clean adjacent areas.

Through artificial intelligence (AI), your robot vacuum would eventually learn more about your home for a more thoughtfully intelligent cleaning experience as it sees appropriate to your needs and lifestyle.

To Roomba Or Not?

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We know that it's the manufacturers' word against the users so it'll all boil down to how brave you are to try it on your own Ruggable area rug. If it has a low-pile texture or is comparable to low-pile carpets in your home, you can give it a try.

Besides, Ruggable says they don't recommend robot vacuum cleaners because of their hard bristles that could damage the rugs' edges and corners. But Roomba has soft brushes so it would be gentle on your area rug.

Roomba also uses an Anti-Tangle Technology that prevents it from being caught in hanging threads in your area rug so it should be safe enough to use on your low-pile Ruggable rugs.

Can Roomba replace your regular vacuum cleaner?

Robot vacuum cleaner performs automatic cleaning of the apartment at a certain time.

There's no doubt about it. Roomba vacuum cleaning robot has changed the way we clean our homes. It uses different technologies such as:

  • Light-Touch Bumper Technology to be able to pass through soft barriers like curtains, blankets, and comforters
  • Anti-Tangle Technology which keeps it from getting entangled in threads, carpet fringe, and tassels
  • Wall-Following Technology to optimize floor coverage
  • Dirt-Detect Technology that allows it to stay longer in a dirty spot so that it would be able to clean it better
  • Cliff-Detection Sensors so it won't fall off the stairs or other high areas in your house.

All of these features enable it to autonomously do the cleaning of your house while you go about your usual daily routine. At the end of the day, your home is spic and span and you feel more accomplished for being able to cross out more items on your to-do list.

However, many experts and homeowners still believe that these robot vacuum cleaners are only good for daily maintenance to help you avoid the buildup of dust or pet hair all over the house (you can never seem to get rid of them!) until such time that you're ready to do some serious home cleaning.

Some models also don't have good suction and overall functionality so they won't get your house cleaned the way you'd want it to be.

Every now and then, you also need to do some deep cleaning to remove deep-seated dirt and grime that have settled in different portions of your house.

It also takes Roomba a long time to finish cleaning your house. So, if you want to make your place really clean in a short period, you're better off using the traditional vacuum cleaners. You also have more control over the pressure and amount of time spent on places that need more thorough and careful cleaning.

Vacuum cleaning robots are also prone to damage and have a rather shorter lifespan compared to other types of vacuum cleaners. Something could go wrong with their connections or sensitive and delicate parts.

That's why it is always good to have a regular vacuum cleaner on hand as a backup when the bot won't work.

Final Thoughts

You can use your Roomba with your low-pile Ruggable area rugs but it's best to refrain from using it on your high-pile rugs - either remove them from the room or program your Roomba to avoid going over them.

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