Can Laminate Underlay Be Used For Carpet?

Having a good finish on your floors improves the aesthetics of a room, it is also beneficial to the room's neatness. Are you about to install carpets and you're unsure about what underlays will work for your carpets? The experts we asked can help you answer that question. 

Laminate underlay will not be appropriate for carpet because it is not made for that purpose. Using laminate underlay for carpets may not give you the sought after results. Try getting another type of carpet underlay to fit properly.

To get the full details on the underlay and which will work perfectly for you, keep reading till the end as we have provided some useful pointers and tips.

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What Is Laminate Underlay?

If you want to try out a new laminate or hardwood floor, then you need a laminate underlay. Laminate underlay is a layer that you put between the subfloor and the laminate floor. You need to use this padding if you are looking for a fine floor finishing and a lifelong investment.

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Laminate underlay is made to protect your floor and it acts as an insulator. It gives your floor an invisible fitting.

These pads can come in so many types and you can choose from the vast options based on what function you need to suit your home. You may be looking for a soundproof, or a thermal function laminate underlay.

Depending on what will suit your purpose, these are functions of laminate overlay:

  • Thermal protection: These underlays are responsible for keeping underfoot warm in your apartment 
  • Comfort: Laminate underlay is a soft pad, when stepped on it will give you feet cushioning. 
  • Soundproofing: By padding the floors, underlays absorb sounds and reduce them. 
  • Longevity: By protecting your subfloor laminate underlay protects it from depleting fast.

Can Laminate Underlay Be Used For Carpet?

Although laminate underlay and carpets are good flooring materials, it is not wise to use laminate underlays with carpets. This fact is because manufacturers of these products could them fit differently.

Laminate underlays are about 1mm to 3mm thick while carpets are usually 8mm to 10mm thick. Also, the carpets are quite thinner than laminate. If you put a carpet on a laminate underlay, your floor could feel very thin.

A laminate underlay is used for laminate flooring while a carpet underlay should be used for a carpeted floor. Underlays come in different thicknesses according to the floors that will be put on them

Using them together may not bring out your desired coverage for your subfloor. It will also cause you to spend more by reducing the longevity of your floors.

Can You Replace Carpet With Laminate?

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As modern-day homeowners or anyone with apartments, you might be tired of your worn-out carpets, and you are wondering "would laminate give me a fine floor finish?" Yes, you can replace the carpet with laminate.

Laminate floors are fiberboards made from the compression of layers of hardwood. It is usually covered with a fine top layer, for beauty.

Sometimes this layer is designed to look like wood, other times it may have stone or metal mimicry on it. The last layer on top is a wear and tear coating which makes it durable and exceptionally tough.

It is very inexpensive to fix laminate boards against your floors. If you follow the simple directions for installing laminate floors you can take it up as a DIY project. 

Laminate floors can outlive a lifetime if you never get bored of the design. It is built with a protective wear-out layer which enables it to resist tough friction and age. Also, floor maintenance can be struck out of your budget for a long time with laminate floors.

The aesthetic quality of the laminate floor is something you do not want to miss. The last layer of laminate fibreboards is designed to give the mimicry of real hardwood, stone, or metal at your feet.

Is Carpet Underlay Necessary?

Installing a carpeted floor with an underlay may not be very easy. With underlay, carpet installation may become a bit more expensive and technical. But that doesn't mean you should not use underlays for your carpet.

Using underlays for carpets becomes very necessary if you need a comfortable, insulating, and long-lasting floor. Underlays provide comfort by absorbing the impact of walking. Also, when heavy objects are kept on your carpets, underlays keep your carpets from flattening, instead making them bounce up again.

Another reason to consider underlays is that they serve as insulators for heat and soundproofing material. You should use a thicker and denser underlay if you live in a multiple-story building. Those thick pads act as soundproofing and insulator material.

It is also cheaper in the long run because it aids in the longevity of your carpet's life. Carpets without underlay tend to wear out faster.

Can You Reuse Laminate Underlay?

It is possible to reuse an old laminate underlay. However, you should consider some conditions beforehand.

If adhesives were not used to install the former laminate underlay. In older laminate borders adhesives were used to fix them together. In this case, the old underlay may look very rough or torn and you should no longer use it.

Old laminate underlay may be dry or torn after the first use which may reduce its acoustic performance. Check if your old laminate can adequately cover the area you want to set your laminate fibreboards before installing a new one.

Still, it is recommended that you get a new one which is not very expensive to give you optimal performance and comfort.

Is It Cheap to do Carpet or Laminate?

The cost of doing a laminate or carpet floor is relatively cheap. But after considering the other features of floors, you can check which will save you more money in the long run.

Installation of these floors also adds to their longevity. Laminate boards are less expensive to put in if you have your DIY skills, unlike carpet floors which may cost more.

Laminate boards can last up to 20 years against carpets which last about 3 to 15 years depending on the quality. Consider the moisture and dust resistance of both floors especially if you have allergies.

In appearance and neatness, laminate boards are easy to clean although they may not be resistant to water absorption. They also contain melamine resin which contains formaldehyde. Carpets, on the other hand, are made of fiber which can absorb dust and specks of dirt.

How Often Should You Change Your Carpet Underlay?

Practically, you should consider changing your carpet underlay each time you change your carpet, exceptions are when the carpet is not up to six months. 

You may also want to put into consideration some factors before changing your carpet underlay. You might have been told you'd get the carpet underlay to last up to 25 years. But, when there's a lot of foot traffic on the carpet it wouldn't last that long.

Considering the thickness of the underlay, a thin one will wear out more easily than the thicker one. Also, the lifespan can depend on how much moisture or high temperature it is exposed to. Also, a carpet underlay with synthetic materials will last longer than those with natural materials.

What Can I Do With Leftover Laminate Flooring?

If you have completed your laminate flooring and there are leftovers then it is good. Do not throw them away or dump them roughly.

Leftover laminate flooring is highly recyclable. You may keep them for later use in case of damaged floors or you could take them to the recyclable store close to you.

You could also do some fun and creative activities with leftover laminate flooring around your home.

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If you do not like the top of your old furniture, then you could change its surfaces with your leftover laminate floors. 

Some of the places you can fix your leftover laminate floors are

  • Ceiling
  • Old furniture
  • Walls
  • Table tops
  • Mirror frame

There are many other creative ways to use laminate floors leftovers in your home.

How Can I Cover My Carpet Without Removing It?

A torn or rough carpet can be unpleasant to the eyes. You can cover your carpets with: 

  • laminate flooring
  • vinyl flooring
  • foam floor tiles
  • canvas floor cloth

With these flooring types, you can forget about the stress of removing the carpets.

Bottom Line

floor laminate installation, shiny foil, wood floor tiles, brown wood

Floors are one of the largest parts of your building. Whatever type of flooring you choose to use, make sure it suits your convenience and style. Using the right underlays for the right floors is also one thing to watch out for if you are looking for beauty and comfort.

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