Kitchen Floor Ideas With Blue Cabinets – 11 Inspired Ideas With Pictures

Kitchens that have blue cabinets either have a soft and whimsical appeal or they can give off a modern and cosmopolitan look. It depends on the shade of blue incorporated into the cabinets. Pairing them with floors that complement them can be challenging since blue can be a vibrant color if it's not in a pastel shade.

The key to having a cohesive interior is to make sure the colors balance each other out. The kitchen floors are the biggest fixture in the interior, so it's important to make it as aesthetically versatile as much as possible. It's going to be the foundation of your color palette, and it can determine the design of your kitchen.

Of course, going with neutral-colored floors is the safest design solution you can apply, but it's not the only option you have. Incorporating wood-toned floors, colorful tiles, or even elegant marble will make the kitchen more visually appealing.

Aside from aesthetic appeal, you will also need to consider the durability of the floor's material so they can consistently beautify your kitchen for a long time.

We have gathered 11 kitchen floor ideas that will increase the stylistic value of your kitchen interior. Keep reading below to learn more!

A luxurious white and blue kitchen with gold hardware, Bosch and Samsung stainless steel appliances, and white marbled granite counter tops., Kitchen Floor Ideas With Blue Cabinets - 11 Inspired Ideas With Pictures

1. Go Monochrome

Having floors that match the color of your cabinets is a tried and true design solution. They are easy to coordinate, and they are a great way to make your kitchen interior look effortlessly chic. 

If you don't want the interior to look too plain or too visually "heavy" because of an abundance of blues, you can opt for a patterned flooring that is dominated by blue, as shown by the photo above. 

Not only will it add visual interest, but it will make the interior unique and avoid a sense of plainness.

However, if you want plain blue flooring, make sure it is a shade darker or lighter than the cabinets just to give the eyes a break for monotone color schemes. 

2. Fuse Modern and Rustic Styles

White wood kitchen interior with black countertops and blue cabinets, cookware and poster near the cooker.

Dark blue cabinets have a contemporary appeal that can easily fit into industrial designs. With wooden floors, the kitchen interior will look warm and inviting but also structured and modern.

The fusion of modern elements such as metallic and dark colors paired with warm-toned wooden floors makes the kitchen visually stimulating while maintaining aesthetic versatility. 

You can match the wooden floor with other wooden accents around the kitchen to make the interior balanced and cohesive. 

3. Have a Modern Farmhouse Design

Dusty blue is the perfect whimsical color that you can incorporate into a modern farmhouse kitchen interior. They can be easily balanced out by flooring and decorations.

Warm-colored flooring matches perfectly with the dusty shade of blue as indicated by the photo above.

The visual play between the warm undertones of the floor and the cold undertones of the cabinets creates a unique visual appeal, especially when tied together by neutral backsplashes and metallic appliances. 

4. Inject Warmth for Small Spaces

It's common practice that smaller spaces be painted with neutral colors all throughout. Although light neutrals can definitely benefit a small space, you can still explore other colors that will make the interior pop.

Light blue cabinets will give a small kitchen interior a more welcoming look. Since it's in a lighter shade, it won't make the kitchen look cramped or bombarded with color.

The herringbone flooring tinted with a light brown stain contains warm undertones. This will give visual contrast to the cabinets, creating an effortlessly chic look. 

5. Make it Elegant and Modern

Kitchen interior with gray walls, blue countertops with built in appliances and table with wooden chairs.

Transform your kitchen into an elegant space using dark blue cabinets and light-colored oak flooring. The white floors make the kitchen interior look polished and neat, although you'll need to clean and maintain it so it will look consistently beautiful. 

The contrast between the dark blue cabinets and white floors creates a cosmopolitan appeal. If you pair them with marble countertops and pepper gold accents on the hardware, the kitchen will also look elegant and classic.

6. Play with Contrast

If you want a sharper contrast between the cabinets and the kitchen floors, opt for dark brown or black kitchen floors. It will inject a more gothic appeal into the interior, making it look like a traditional kitchen but complemented with modern fixtures. 

Dark kitchen floors work better for larger spaces since they can make smaller kitchens feel cramped and narrow. Depending on your preference, you can opt for silver hardware and accents or gold handles and fixtures. 

This is a classic design solution, and the colors will make the interior look sleek and polished. 

7. Opt for Patterns

If you want a more visually stimulating look, go with rich and detailed patterns. It will give your kitchen a vintage appeal, especially when paired with light blue cabinets. There are a lot of patterns you can choose from, but make sure it doesn't clash with the kitchen interior.

As a rule, you should pick a pattern that has the same color as one of the interior's base colors. In this case, the cabinets are one of the biggest fixtures in the kitchen, so you should pick a patterned tile with a lot of blue in them. 

This will ensure that your interior remains cohesive even when it's dominated by patterns and rich details. 

8. Opt for Visually-Appealing Neutrals

Opting for neutrals is a safe route to take, but that doesn't mean you should settle for plain kitchen flooring. There are a lot of options for patterns with neutral tones that you can install in the kitchen.

For instance, you can go for a simple geometrical pattern, or you can go for detailed patterns. Not only will this add visual appeal to the kitchen, but it will also make the interior look unique and visually stimulating. 

Neutrals are also a great idea if you don't have enough space and want the illusion of wideness to the space. 

9. Go With Warm Neutrals for Versatility

Neutral-colored floors are a great way if you want to maintain aesthetic versatility. They can easily blend into any interior, especially those fitted with blue cabinets. Warm neutrals such as beige and cream can make the interior look more inviting compared to plain white or stark grey floors.

The flooring color is also timeless. You can't go wrong with neutrals, so you can opt for them if you're not planning on changing your floors for a long time. 

This is also ideal if you're planning to rent out a home. Neutral floors fit into any preference, and they can be paired with a lot of aesthetics. 

10. Install Light Wooden Floors

Kitchen with window

Light wooden floors can give your kitchen interior a homey vibe. They pair well with the whimsical atmosphere of light blue cabinets, and they complement many designs.

You can make the kitchen look more rustic if you incorporate wooden countertops and silver accents. However, make sure you tie everything up with a vibrant or neutral color that can balance out the entire color scheme. 

Since the floor is made of wood, make sure to seal them and maintain them well so they can remain durable for a long time. 

11. Install Intricately-Detailed Tiles

Tiles with intricate details add a splash of elegance to the kitchen interior. They also make the space look classic and antique, especially when paired with pastel blue cabinets.

The light-colored cabinets give the illusion of wideness, so the colors won't cramp the space even if the floors are made with detailed patterns. 

If you want detailed patterns but want to keep the space looking wide as much as possible, you can opt for neutral-toned patterned tiles to maintain a visually refreshing interior. 

Final Thoughts

Blue cabinets are a vibrant fixture that you can incorporate into your kitchen. It will make the interior pop, and you can design it in a way that matches your aesthetic preferences. The flooring you choose will determine its general look, so make sure you choose one that's both timeless and visually appealing.

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