Bathroom Floor Tile With Blue Vanity – 11 Ideas You Will Love!

Are you planning to redesign your bathroom tiles with a blue vanity, but do not have a single idea? Are you thinking about what colors and furniture can coordinate well with this vibe? Well, here are 11 designs that are attention-catchers and something that you would want to incorporate into your design.

Blue is a primary color and a color of nature. It represents the sky and the ocean. When you think of blue, you think of water and tranquility. You will feel close to nature. It's a great color input for your bathroom floor tiles.

Blue vanity has become a trend color in interior and furniture design in 2020, and it's planning to stay. It is a classic color. Classic never grows old, they say. It is also a symbol of royalty and piety. It was a visible color of wardrobes of royalties in the 19th century.

Although blue vanity is not a perky color to brighten up your mood. It can always work out to give you a sense of stability. It can also make your bathroom exuding with traditional sophistication, subtle fondness, and overwhelming daringness - based on how it's utilized.

Here's a little tour of bathrooms with blue vanity floor tiles. Each has a unique vibe that complements the overall design of the bathroom. The color blue can get along well with almost all colors - light or dark. Let's start with classic white-to-classic blue for your bathroom floor tiles.

Modern luxury bathroom blue interior. Bathroom Floor Tile With Blue Vanity - 11 Ideas You Will Love!

1. Classic Duo

Here you can see the juxtaposition of blue vanity and classic white. Blue dominates half of the space, while the upper part is all white and silver, providing great contrast. A blue vanity or silvery decors uplifts the ambiance of the whole bathroom.

White is another classic color. Combining it with another classic makes the design timeless. The two colors blend well without dominating each other.

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2. Floor To Wall Style

The continuous color or pattern from floor to wall of this bathroom makes a seamless and solid-looking look. Using the same types of tiles makes the bathroom seem bigger. It's a practical tip if you have a small bathroom.

The picture above shows a bathroom with herringbone-shaped tiles. They add personality and are also durable. Again, it's a perfect tile for a small bathroom since the shape creates movement that makes a bathroom looks bigger.

Floor To Wall Style - Cozy blue bathroom interior with bath and decorative objects

3. Moroccan Mystic

This is a time-traveling design. This Moroccan shape of tiles (called ogee or onion shape) has been rampant in the world of interior design. It is glossy which makes the bathroom always look clean and bright despite the bold and dark color of the tiles.

Morocco uses bright and bold colors with different textures which interest designers. This style is rooted in ages past but, it can be incorporated into modern design, making it a timeless design, just like in the bathroom above.

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4. Boho Touch

Let's move to a little brighter tone of blue. The unique pattern of these blue bathroom tiles adds a touch of swag. It has a mixture of boho and edgy styles. It gives the bathroom a chic attitude which goes well with the vanity.

Boho captures the earth colors but also displays striking bright colors such as these electric blue tiles. It resembles ocean water which contributes to the fresh and cool look while as you pamper yourself in this spa-like space.

Boho Touch - Blue Bath Towels on Bathroom Tiles

5. Scandinavian Style

In the photo, you can see a modern Scandinavian bathroom. It combines function and comfort. The accent is concentrated on the floor with pattern tri-colored tiles while the rest of the bathroom is kept plain without additional patterns or strong colors going on.

Accessories such as the woven towel baskets complete the Scandinavian mood of the bathroom. Light natural wood is a must-have material to achieve the Swedish look. Notice the colors of the tiles. The colors mixed with blue vanity also lean on the natural shades.

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contemporary minimalist blue and white bathroom two round mirrors with black frames are on the royal blue wall.

6. Trickles Of Blue

These blue bathroom tiles are playful and lend the space a bright, but modern, mood. It complements the shape of tiles on the wall. The small dot patterns do not complicate or contrast other shapes in the bathroom.

The floor tiles largely contribute to its beach-like feel. The tile pattern duplicates small pebbles on the shore and sets energy and enthusiasm. It can be a lively design for a kid's bathroom.

7. Simple and Cute

Here is another cute style. Neutral colors pair well with shades of blue, you can have them. The muted blue floral pattern of tiles provides a soft and stylish look. The neutral tone permeates the whole bathroom but, still has plenty of personality. It can also be a fun look for a kid's bathroom.

The neutrality sets the room for the other decors. Putting greens and flowers in the bathroom will not only fend off boredom but, also pulls a finesse and a not-so-trying-hard look. Sunlight entering the bathroom is enough to gain attention. Wide windows mean allow plenty of sunlight and much-needed ventilation.

minimalist blue and white bathroom one round mirror with gold frame in on the tiled white wall.

8. Tile Complementary

Harmony is important in design but can be difficult to pull off with multiple patterns. This bathroom accomplishes this by using complementary designs throughout the space. The plain white walls make the bathroom airy and open. There are mixes of shapes and patterns in the floor tiles which builds the accent or motif of the bathroom.

The patterned tiles consist of all the colors evident in the bathroom such as blue vanity, gold, and white. They are all coated into the intricate pattern of the tiles creating a harmonious continuity between the floor and the whole bathroom.

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9. Modern Cut

This modern cut of ceramic tiles makes the bathroom ultra-modern. The tiles have white outlines with blue vanity as the main color. It has a manly color with current geometric shapes, almost graphic-like. It's a suitable design for a bachelor's pad bathroom.

You can make it more colorful and modern by adding different geometric tiles with a combination of other colors. It has this interconnected lines that you can see in business or industrial diagrams.

Modern bathroom with blue walls and white marble with a large round mirror in gold trim white furniture and a bowl-shaped bathtub.

10. Super Subtle

Here is a design that doesn't aim to stand out but, manages to provide comfort and style. This bathroom floor tile has the palest touch of vanity among the bathrooms on the list. It's one of the most gentle tones you could ever have with vanity. This design of flooring is for you if you're a little color-phobic or minimalist.

However, you can grab some bathroom soap dispensers and towels with the same minimalist designs just the like the set you see below. It takes the same shade as the bathroom and at the same time shares a defined style.

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11. The Blue Wood Effect

The last on the list looks like the most unlikely combination. The design looks aged and rustic. But it's stunning!

The wood-look design of the tiles is possible with print technology. It almost looks like authentic wood. It doesn't look cheap, either. Even a bathroom with these floor tiles is fashionable. Place an add-on wooden furniture to support the authenticity of the wood-effect floor.

The Blue Wood Effect - Contemporary master bathroom features a dark dual vanity cabinet

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Now, that's 11 ideas that you can fall in love with! With different shades of vanity and tile shapes, you can achieve the look that you want no matter how simple or grand you want it to be. You will never go wrong with blue vanity.

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